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Welcome to the
World of Wilder Creek Honey!

Proud to be a Veteran-Owned Company

Welcome to the world of Wilder Creek Honey! 🍯🌿🐝 We’re not just honey producers; we're custodians of nature, enthusiasts of the wild, and advocates for sustainability. Nestled amidst the untouched beauty of flowing creeks and vibrant wildflowers, our apiaries are a haven for healthy, happy bees that work their magic to create our golden elixir.

At Wilder Creek, we believe in keeping things pure and simple. That's why our honey is raw, unprocessed, and as wild as the landscapes from which it originates. Our honey is a celebration of nature's bounty, carrying unique flavors influenced by our local blossoms.

Beyond providing you with nature's sweetest gift, we're passionate about educating our community about the importance of bees and preserving the splendid wilderness that supports them. So join us in our journey as we explore the sweetness of the wild, uphold sustainable practices, and bring you the finest honey - straight from hive to table.

Experience the taste of the wild with Wilder Creek Honey! 🌳🍯🐝

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At Wilder Creek Honey, we offer the finest selection of raw honey, creamed honey and specialty infused honey. Our homegrown honey is sourced sustainably from our local apiary to ensure our products are of the highest quality. Place your order today, and experience the difference of pure, exquisite honey.

The Benefits of Wilder Creek Honey


Wilder Creek Honey strives to use solely locally-sourced ingredients to create a unique blend of honey with a truly one-of-a-kind taste.

Specialized Flavor

Wilder Creek Honey specializes in producing infused honey of the highest quality, offering a plethora of interesting and delicious flavours.

Multiple Outlets

Purchase Wilder Creek Honey conveniently through our online store or through a variety of local retail locations.

Palette Pleasing

Wilder Creek Honey provides customers with a premium honey that adds unique flavour and sweetness to dishes.


Premium Honey.
Uniquely Crafted.

Wilder Creek Honey is a producer of high-quality all-natural honey products. Our honey is produced on-site with the perfect infusion of flavor to ensure maximum sweetness. 

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